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Asminds Technology

Business Operations for a Digital World

We help design, enable, and execute business operations to generate customer value.

Our Thinking

Understanding the New-Age Fuel Management System
Discover how emerging digital technologies make fuel consumption, fleet operation, and controlling costs more efficient.
Thinking Machine First™
Optimizing Machine-Human Collaboration to Drive Business 4.0™
HiTech Journal
Blockchain in HiTech
Blockchain is set to cast a spell on the High Tech industry for good.

Our Successes

Cargotec Builds IoT Platform on Public Cloud
Asminds integrates cloud-based IoT solution to enable rapid data-driven services and value delivery.
Telia Redefines API Lifecycle Management
Asminds equips Telia with a robust API development and management platform.
Vodacom Reduces Revenue Leakage, Improves Recovery
Asminds Integrated Revenue Assurance solution helps Vodacom close process gaps and increase revenue

Transform to Enterprise Agile

Work with us to reduce your Agility Burden, thrive in a dynamic environment & create a better tomorrow.

In the News

Asminds Recognized As One of the Achievers Most Engaged Workplaces™ in Chennai
We are developing Best-in-Class application for Former Service